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[09 Nov 2004|09:45pm]
New journal..

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[11 Aug 2004|01:46am]
I lost my SIN already. FUCK.
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[17 Jul 2004|06:02pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Lately I've been listening to Le Tigre a lot more then usual. I don't care either because it makes me want to dance and puts me in a great mood. I just sit here from morning till night listening to them and booping up and down. Screw lonleyness. I've got Le Tigre.

Anyway I had my birthday lunch with my parents. Paville and his family were there. On the way to the restaurant there was an accident which stalled us a bit. Stupid people who can't drive good. Anyway. Afterwards we went to Pavilles house because we had to pick something up and my parents wanted to admire the Russian style Sauna that they were building (wtf?). We played soccer and I think I kicked ass at it, thank-you-very-fucking-much.

Noelle is apparantly supposed to call me later. Wooh!

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[09 Jul 2004|01:17pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Bah I'm bored. I finally decided on a domain name though ;D it's gonna be zombie-pills.net. I can't wait till it's online. I'm thinking of a layout for it right now ;x So far no luck ;P I'm thinking of using a pinup girl of some sort ;D It's gonna be grand. I made a new layout for Headache though ;P Which I'm bored of and don't like it very much ;( Egh. Oh well.

Kat's coming over today. I'm renting Lost In Translation ;P Whoo-pah.

Ugh Andrew keeps trying to get me to come down.. How many times have I stated I don't want to hang out and am busy? I don't think that kid understands english.

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Friends Only [05 Aug 2003|10:55pm]
Journals friends only. And I'd like to keep it that way. It's no bodies business to read it unless they actually care. So mainly, if you really want to read my crap... just post a comment asking to be added and I'll add you back..
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