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Mmm brains.

21 July
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I am an amateur artist with dreams of world domination. FEAR MY WRATH YOU TWITS! <3 ;D
ages of empires, alice in wonderland, alternative press, american history x, american mcgee's alice, anne rice, arab strap, arm warmers, art, babes in toyland, bikini kill, billy talent, black box recorder, black heart procession, bondage straps, books, care bears, cds, chocolate, chokers, clive barker's undying, coal chamber, comic books, composing, controller.controller, daisy chainsaw, david bowie, death cab for cutie, deftones, depeche mode, deviant art, drawing, dyed hair, eye liner, faeries, fish nets, franz ferdinand, fsc, ghost world, graphics, guitars, hair clips, hair dye, hawthorne heights, hefner, him, hole, html, inkubus sukkubus, interview with the vampire, jack off jill, johnen vasquez, johnny the homicidal maniac, jthm, kmfdm, knee socks, le tigre, london after midnight, magazines, metric, mindless self indulgence, miranda sex garden, modest mouse, mud honey, music, my bloody valentine, my ruin, nail polish, neil gaiman, neverwhere, new york dolls, nightmares and fairytales, nina nastasia, nine inch nails, nirvana, novels, orgy, pen and ink, pigface, placebo, poetry, popples, prozac nation, queen adreena, queen of the damned, rasputina, red lipstick, rings, scarling., shivaree, short stories, sketching, skinny puppy, slc punk, sleater-kinney, smashing pumpkins, snake river conspiracy, snow patrol, snow white, spikes, squee, stars, strawberry shortcake, stripes, stuffed animals, swearing at motorists, switchblade symphony, sylvania, tairrie b., tapes, tapping the vein, the birthday massacre, the black keys, the clash, the cramps, the cure, the french kicks, the helio sequence, the killers, the rapture, the tea party, the vines, tool, tura satana, ugly casanova, vile valo, violent femmes, voltaire, web design, white lies, wire, writing, xiu xiu, yeah yeah yeahs